Our Groups

EIDGE: Eastside Illicit Drinkers for Education

eidgeEastside Illicit Drinkers for Education (EIDGE) is a group of people who use illicit alcohol. We work to improve the lives of illicit drinkers through education and support. We work together to end the discrimination of illicit drinkers and promote safety amongst our members. Join our group to learn and participate in research to result in better services and programs, and to have a voice in our community.

MONDAY: Sign up at 10:15, Meeting at 11:00am, no meeting the week after welfare

Education and Action Group

Tuesday’s group is open to all members who are concerned about issues relating to substance use, oppression in our communities, and taking action on issues that involve us. We engage with guest speakers and presentations and learn how to have a real voice in programs and policies designed to serve us. Members take action on the streets and in the halls of power. We support and encourage each other in pursuit of our common goals, and empower ourselves to be leaders in our community. Attending the Tuesday group is the best way to find our what’s going on at VANDU and get involved.

TUESDAY: Sign up at 1:30, Meeting at 2:00. We meet every week.

BCAPOM: BC Association of People on Methadone

BCAPOM was originally a group of people on methadone, but now we include other opiate substitution programs. We fight for the right to quality health care, and to end stigma and discrimination, and to change the way that opiate therapies are viewed. Our BCAPOM meetings are a place where you can meet people who face the same issues, and work together to improve the system for all. We can help you make a complaint against a doctor or pharmacy, and we empower each other to know our rights.

WEDNESDAY: Sign up at 1:30, Meeting at 2:00. No meeting welfare week.

WAHRS: Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society

A diverse group of Aboriginals from all over Canada who meet every Friday at VANDU. We work on different social issues such as homelessness, the right to remain in the DTES, fight for a voice to empower and educate ourselves, and practice harm reduction. We take action: we have rallied to support Aboriginal rights, marched for housing and fair welfare rates. We have over 300 members and we are active throughout the Downtown Eastside. Please visit www.wahrs.ca for more.

FRIDAY: Sign up at 12:15, Meeting at 1:00. No meeting welfare week.

SNAP: Salome/Naomi Association of Patients

SNAP is an independent group of participants from the NAOMI and SALOME heroin-assisted clinical trials in the Downtown Eastside from 2005-2013. SNAP works closely with our parent group BCAPOM to advocate for options in opiate substitution therapies including access to heroin assisted treatment.

This is a closed meeting for SNAP members only. Attend the BCAPOM meeting for more information.